Can You Really Provide My Family with Double the Images in 30 Minutes or Under?
"Absolutely" is our simple one-worded answer! After Years upon Years of perfecting our Craft we flow seamlessly together. We have come to realize families don't want to miss their vacation moments, yet love beautiful photos to remember their moments. In conclusion, Two Photographers, Two Visions, Double the Images in just minutes of your precious time.
What should I Bring and not Bring?
Bring a happy face & nice personality. Your photo session should be a fun experience from start to finish, so enjoy it! Avoid bringing a bunch of "fluff" Fluff & Stuff will just make it more stressful on you.
Can I Bring My Camera?
Phones, Cameras , Drones, and Valuables are better left at home as there will not be a place to keep them safe & out of sight. Per Our Contract, Photography is Not Permitted at Our Sessions.
Will I Get Dirty or Sandy?
You may or may not get dirty, sandy, wet and thirsty... Waiting for you in your Car: Towels, wet wipes a change of clothes for little ones and water to drink.
Can You Edit My Sunburn?
Please apply sunblock days prior to our photo session. We love you are enjoying the beautiful beaches, however looking like a lobster in your cherished photos is not pretty. We Typically do not offer Sunburn Edits
What Should I Wear?
Our first advice is BE your beautiful self! Colors that flow together, Neutrals, and/or flowing soft patterns are most often always picture perfect. Simply sweet white dresses are timeless and easily flow with others. Bare feet are best on the beach. For more information we put together this Blog by Clicking HERE --> "What to wear series"
What Should I NOT Wear?
Please avoid wearing lotion to prevent sand sticking to your legs. Sand will stick to you like glue!  Please avoid athletic wear, including reflective polos made of athletic materials. While ruffles are lovely and romantic, large ruffles can be limiting in the coastal breeze.
How Should I Style My Hair?
We recommend having “wind-friendly hair styles" the beach can be breezy & windy. "Wind-Friendly Hair Styles include: hair clips, ties, beachy hats, hair bands, and lots of hairspray!
Any Advice for My Little One?
For your little one's wearing those adorable dresses or overalls, please consider diaper covers. Most likely your session will including sitting, lifting and holding of little ones, needless to say a diaper popping out beneath that little dress or overalls is not a pretty picture :-) Have a back up outfit in the car for the "just in case"
Do You Take Jumping Pictures?
We are sorry, the jumping picture is not really our style. While we have done them, they are not a shot we enjoy taking for a variety of reasons.
Can I Show You Pictures on Pinterest?
We kindly ask you do not show us another photographer's work. Our work is truly like art to us and we have a full representation of our style, our look, and the style of photography we provide listed upon our website. If there is a style you enjoy and don't see it on our website...most likely it's not a style/look we provide.
Can I Have My Teen's Senior Pictures Included in my Family Session?
We do indeed provide Senior Pictures and love them! However this must be contracted under a "Senior Session" as Terms and Conditions are Separate from our Family Sessions.
Any Other Tips?
One More Tip... In-Season We Fill Up Quickly with a "Waiting List" Get on our Schedule Early!